Thursday, February 26, 2004

Today was my first day back at uni...a sort of orientation day for 2nd year architecture students. It mainly consisted of the head of the school giving a welcome and introduction to the place, and then the various head lectures talking about their subjects and trying to be either exceedingly funny or exceedingly academic. They really only succeeded in the latter. There was then a 2 hour session in the large and impressive workshop where we were shown how not to maim ourselves on the machines that are variations of motors with fast spinning metal things that cut stuff so that students can make things. There's a test next week to prove that we don't know how to damage ourselves.
I have to go back for more tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have finally got this page up and running, which is fairly obvious as you can read it, but I'm pretty happy with myself anyway. The next step is to make it look good, and then somewhere down the track I hope it becomes somewhat interesting.


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