Friday, March 05, 2004

And so my first week back at university is at an end. The workload doesn't seem to be as intense as last year. Famous last words? Well, I'm sure that these won't be my last words, maybe "tempting fate" is a better euphemism. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. We have been assured, however, that the lecturers and tutors intend to make sure everyone pass from here on, to the bitter end. Apparently the first year was about seeing who failed and couldn't hack the pace, so for others thinking about returning to the study environment, I would say that the first hurdle is the toughest. After that, you know that you're on a good horse and the hurdles become less of a concern, or maybe you can go around them instead of jumping them, as your horse strides majestically around the course and crosses that desired finishing line(talk about thrashing an analogy). Anyway, studying is a lot like horse racing, except there is less turf and you don't have to feed your horse as many oats. In fact, maybe you should just leave the horse at home and concentrate on the study. I think that's the best advice of all.

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