Sunday, March 14, 2004

Enthusiasm is the topic for today. Its an important factor when you're at university not earning any cash, and you're working long days to keep up with the workload and trying to learn lots of extra stuff. I had quite a bit of it(enthusiasm that is) last year. This year I am struggling to muster some. I am learning new things, it is interesting, the lecturers are good, but my enthusiasm is lacking. Where is it? The bottom of this beer I am drinking? I doubt it. I think one of the problems with a long degree like this(I have another 3.9 years to go) is that at some stages you look into the future, notice the vast distance out in front, and then let out a few deep sighs. I suspect that this year and the next could be fairly routine, while its not until the last couple of years that things really get going. Maybe I'll just have an extra strong coffee in the morning.

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