Friday, March 19, 2004

Three weeks down...a quarter of the way through the first trimester. One eighth of the way through the year. This week contained the first hand-in and "crit". Its a time when you present your work to other students, tutors and a visiting architect, and then they all get a chance to tear strips out of your effort and laugh at your incompetence. Whoa! Settle down, I shouldn't be so sarcastic. "Crits" are useful events, but it does require the tutors and the visiting architect to criticize both positively and negatively, and to show some respect for the students work. I'm not asking for much am I? The comments leveled at my efforts were fair and balanced, but the language used for some other students was unnecessary at times. All I ask is for a bit of respect. Not only the comments that are used during "crits", but other things as well, like lecturers turning up on time. Lecturers being prepared before a lecture. Tutors having some sort of training in how to manage a group of students. I could go on. It all shows some respect for the students who pay a lot of money to try and develop a passion in the subject.

Now for the weekend and a beer to start it all off.

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