Saturday, April 17, 2004

I was reading the local paper today(an oddity, as I think in general it is rubbish) and in the letter section there were people debating the quality of housing here(New Zealand), and quite rightly too. As I have been told a number of times in lectures, and become aware of myself, the standard of architecture and housing in this country is rather poor. The average temperature of a home during winter is 12C. We have a high rate of seasonal death syndrome and infant deaths caused by unhealthy houses. Its staggering because there are clear solutions, but the average person, house builder and architect seem ignorant, reluctant of just plain stupid. Why don't houses here have central heating? Why are people here more concerned with how much money they spend on their cars/mobile phones/fast food/gardening/lovely new kitchen/carpet than they are with keeping their homes warm, dry and healthy?

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