Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Only another couple of days holiday, and then it's back into the toil of study. And it's about time too, if I do say so myself... and no doubt everyone else out there. As the uni year is about to start, I was sent the following invite to do a special topic paper(which they occasionally do at the university), and it is explained thus...

"new SPECIAL TOPIC PAPER... a reciprocal architecture (note the case of the letters)

this special topic will explore, define, and design a Reciprocal Connexion that exists between a human and the local environment they occupy on a temporal basis. The design of this connexion will evolve due to the immediate and very acute influence a person can have on a specific space/surface/environment etc via communication between the two. This feedback loop or causal relationship relays information in real-time from one to the other and back again etc as time progresses this engaging the person with the architecture they personally form... "

... and so on.

It must be great to be so intelligent that you are able to string such big words together. I am obviously not at that level yet, but hopefully in another three years I will have gained enough knowledge to be able to move to a higher plain/plane and leave you mere mortals behind.
After reading the information a few times I slowly became to understand what was going on, and it actually looks like it maybe possibly interesting, so good luck to whoever accepts the invite, but I think I'm happy with what I already have planned.

Thank you, and good night.

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