Sunday, August 14, 2005

The end... of this half of term

I have just started a two week break which means I am now half way through my second and final term of the term. The not so good thing is that the past few weeks have been just as intense and stressful as ever. The good thing is that I am feeling a lot more motivated and interested in the design paper than I was in the first half of the year. After careful analysis I put it down to the fact that my tutor is a lot more knowledgeable not only about architecture, but also teaching architectural design. The course is also more coherent and has definite objectives with fewer contradictions cropping up. Architects appear not to have a particularly balance view of the world and life and have amazingly rapid changes in opinion on what constitutes good and not so good design. I am not sure that they are particularly sure themselves and often struggle to articulate their views.
More analysis to follow in the next few days... I hope....

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