Friday, November 25, 2005

Classic Spam

With study now a distant memory (4 weeks and counting) and next year still off in the distance, I have more time to read and contemplate. Actually, I should say that I now have time to read and contemplate. Anyway, I was at my summer job today going through the emails that were received over night to the company and deleting the 70% that were Spam, when I decided to actually read one for a laugh. And it was hilarious.... I mean, does anyone actually read some of this stuff. It's makes outstanding reading and great hilarity is had over a cup of coffee. There are paragraphs like...

"We are pleased to inform you of the long awaited recently released result of the Lottery Winners International programs held on the 1st of May,2005 in commemoration of the workers day celebration..... This is to help encourage the rapid use of microsoft wares and to enlighten and promote the wide spread usage of the internet within the global world,under the able sponsorship of microsoft ware wizard Bill Gates,Sultan of Brunei,together with the USA,AUSTRALIA& a few members of the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC STATES."

Or how about...
"We hope that you will equally ultilise your prize winnings fund in an innovation,support,promote,meaningfully and gainfully reputation scheme in your lifes,government and people.
To file in and collect your claims for this prize winning award, please quickly contact only and directly our nominated fiducial/accredited agent,who is to personally act as your TRUSTEES CLAIM AGENT: DR RUFUS KLINESMAN.(for)"

I am not sure what we should be more worried about... the fact that people actually go to the trouble of coming up with this sort of stuff, when instead they should be trying to write American sitcoms (and probably having more success than the current trash), or that some people actually believe this stuff. Instead you should laugh along... its free comedy straight to your email every day.

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