Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hayfever shouldn't be allowed

Upon checking into this world I highly recommend not ticking the
"Hayfever and other assorted allergies" box. Not only is it necessary
to suffer from sudden bursts of your sinuses trying to explode away
from your face, but then you have to pay a more than useful amount
for the pleasure of gaining some sort of relief. I'm talking here
about $25 for 10 tablets that last a day each... $2-50 a day... about
the price of a coffee.... in fact why don't they just chuck the stuff
in with caffeine and solve a lot more than just how to kick start the
day. Of course it is possible to go to the 'doctor' who gives a
prescription for cheaper tablets, but s/he charges $65 to open his door.
So in conclusion, drink coffee and save.

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