Tuesday, November 29, 2005

S, T & A

And in another battle, I have started reading Sigfried Gideon's
'Space, Time and Architecture', one of the classics of architectural
thought. One thing with architectural books, is that although it was
written in the 1940s and updated through to the 60s, it's still makes
relevant reading. One passage I noted in the early pages was this...
'The means bringing Western and Eastern spirits together were
different... Except for a short interlude, the Japanese - in contrast
to Western man - have never severed themselves from times past. They
have had no incentive to imitate former "styles" since the past in
constantly alive. The simplicity of their homes, despite all
refinements, remains primeval. Their contemporary use of concrete
beams and stilts appears simultaneously age-old and new-born.'
Having lived in Japan for a few years I can certainly understand
this. Even the newest Japanese buildings appear to have some
historical feeling running through them.

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