Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Royal Brighton Pavilion v's Wellingon Library

Royal Brighton Pavilion v's Wellingon Library
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It's interesting how sometimes (often?) you can wander around in a

see of confusion not knowing when the next car is going to try and

run you over, and then sometimes things start to click and you see

connections and you realize that the coffee is doing its job after

all. While reading Gideon's 'Space, Time and Architecture' recently I

came to the bit that talked about John Nash's kitchen in the Royal

Brighton Pavilion in the early 1800's. The steel columns were very

slender with palm leaf capitals. And then I saw the connection with

Athfield's (?) Wellington Central Library which I visit a couple of

times a week. No doubt others have commented on this before, but

anyhow... I was pleased to see the connection, although I think it

works rather better in the kitchen. However the interior of the

library is very user friendly... although it has no palms... or are

they ferns?

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