Sunday, December 04, 2005

Stadium Horribilus

Watching a few overs of the cricket yesterday(because that was all I
could be bothered with) I was reminded with a bit of jolt how ugly
Eden Park is... the alleged number one sports stadium in New
Zealand... supposedly where the rugby WC final will be played in
2011. Let us not muck around here... the stadium is an eyesore and
anyone staying it is a pleasant place to be in is either deluded with
misguided patriotism or cloaked by the mask of over-priced alcohol.
The place is a mish-mash of attempted designs and add-ons that a
weekend hack at his 50 year old bach would be embarrassed about. And
character has nothing to do with it. It's woeful and should be
bulldozed and started again somewhere else, before the 21st century
gets away on some of these poor folk.

And then there was the NZ cricket team...

And then there were the fans...

But until another time...

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