Saturday, January 21, 2006


Apparently where there once was the Guggenheim effect, there is now
the 'Gaudi effect'. In other words, a famous architect designing lots
of innovative stuff in their home town, and people traveling by all
modes to see the stuff... and then no doubt saying that that person
is now their favourite architect because it really is 'awfully
impressive'. And so it is to Santiago Calatrava and Valencia,
although he does more stuff in places other than his home town than
Gaudi ever did... however it is just as recognisable. SC certainly
has nailed now is own distinctive look, and 'awfully impressive' it
is too... although one could argue long into the night about sameness
versus variety... but is a lot more successful than me... and it's
getting late...
Anyhow, check out,,1687368,00.html
for a very nice pick and story.

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