Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"We built our own house".... yeah, right.

Due to the alledged 'DYI' culture here there emerges the 'I know everything, so don't tell me what to do' attitude. From the files of 'Stupid things that people say' comes that old chestnut, in various forms, but usually heard as "We built our own house" or "These are the plans to the house we are currently building". In other words..... "These are the plans we bought from a 'builder' or 'designer' that actually bare little relation to our site, but they look nice, and we have picked the colours, fittings and carpet according to what the 'builder' recommended with help from Bob and Beryl down the road who know a lot about houses because they have been living in one all their life, and we saw the foundations being poured and it all looks awfully messy and then we spoke to the council man, so now we know all about building consents, and then we turn up every weekend to see what it going on and make quiet comments about how the tradeperson isn't really the best, but we will keep them on anyway, and then we organised the gibstopper, drainlayer and painter to some so now we are fully conversant with the building process, and then we can talk about 'indoor-outdoor flow' and the lovely view, and we are glad we didn't get an architect because they always put door handles the wrong way round or design windows that face the wrong way, or so Jim next door says... so yeah, we built our own house."  ... ahh....yeah......

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