Friday, February 23, 2007

Cliche alert - run for the hills

It appears to be a great time in NZ for those making a living out of drawing up stadium proposals.

Down in the deep dark south, Dunedin, there is a desire to build a stadium with a roof, which is probably fair enough. However, the write up in the Cliche Herald just makes you want to start mocking the whole thing:

  • The plan, released last night, would "put the Otago region back on the sporting, cultural and convention map with a vengeance," the trust said. (total vengeance!)
  • ... with sophisticated bars and cafes... (must wear shoes and brush your teeth before entering)
  • "It's just a no-brainer..." (should suit rugby and Dunedin)
  • ... just too good, it's pretty hard to think about the others." (more mental challenges)

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