Monday, February 26, 2007

Point and laugh at a real estate agent today

Here is another reason why real estate agents should not be trusted any further than they can be repeatedly thrown. "Every single piece of coastline and harbourside in New Zealand is massively undervalued, " says one such knuckle-dragger in a poorly covered attempt to get prices going up even further to, once again, only benefit their bank accounts, which are almost as big as their egos. Further on in the rapidly increasingly tedious article, numbers are thrown around and chests are beaten (along with other things) about how much a property in little old NZ can be sold for, compared to everywhere else. In logic with more holes than a paper dart board on free-throw night, super-priced mansions apparently means better quality, but also proves how undervalued everything still is. To confusing to even worth continuing writing about.

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